Why was my account deleted?

There are a number of reasons your account may have been deleted:

  1. Fongo Accounts which have not been used to place an outgoing call for over 90 days are considered inactive and are subject to deletion 
  2. You have entered fake e911 information during account registration such as an invalid name or address
  3. You have signed up for multiple accounts
  4. Fraudulent activity has been detected on your account

Accounts will not be deleted due to inactivity if they have one of the following:

  1. Available World Credits
  2. An active SMS subscription (Canada or Canada+US)
  3. A number Ported to Fongo from another carrier
  4. In the case of FreePhoneLine accounts, you have purchased a VoIP Unlock Key.

NOTE: Users who wish to restore a deleted number, if available, are required to purchase a $5 World Credits Voucher from the Online Store or from the Fongo Mobile app.  Since World Credits do expire (Details), purchasing the voucher does not protect your account from future deletion, however, a $5 voucher which is not used for long distance calling will keep your inactive account active for approximately 8 months.  Of course, if you do not wish to purchase the $5 World Credit voucher, you are free to create a new account and continue to use Fongo. 

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