Call Waiting

Call waiting alerts you to an incoming call when you are already on a call.


1. A beep tone tells you that another call is waiting (only you hear this tone).

2. Another reminder will be heard 10 seconds later if the waiting call remains unanswered.

3. The second caller will only hear the normal ring tone.


Answer a waiting call:

1. Press the LINK or FLASH button on your phone to put the first call on hold*.

2. You will automatically be connected with the second caller.


The first call is put on hold. Switch between calls:

1. Press the LINK or FLASH button on your phone to alternate between calls*.

2. Each conversation is private and cannot be heard by the other caller.


To end either call:

1. Hang up.

2. Your phone will then ring.

3. When you answer, your phone will be connected to the other call.


*If you do not have a telephone with a LINK or a FLASH button, depress the switch hook for approximately one second.

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