Call Display and Caller ID

Call Display

In order to have Call Display, you need a Call Display capable phone. After the first ring, the name and telephone number of the caller should appear on your display screen.

Long distance calls may sometimes be displayed as “Long Distance”. Calls from locations that are not equipped for call display will appear as “Unknown”.

Call Display Not Working

If you're receiving calls and the Call Display does not show the callers ID, this may due to lost or corrupted data when transmitting to your Fongo Adapter.

A simple fix for this is reboot your Fongo Adapter by unplugging the power for 30 seconds.

Caller ID

Fongo Home phone sends both your caller id (phone number) and display name to the recipient. If you recipient is subscribed to a call display service they will see your caller id (phone number). If they also are subscribed to a name display service they may also see your display name on their phone.

Not all carriers support name display.

Hide Your Caller ID (Phone Number)

Fongo Home Phone users have the ability to hide their caller id (phone number) to the recipient on a call by call basis.

If you wish the called recipient to not know your phone number by hiding the caller id you can do so by dialling the prefix *67 before the number.

So if you were to call Rick with the number 15193361437 but do not wish Rick to see your caller id, call Rick by dialling *6715193361437

Change Your Caller ID Display Name

By default, the Caller ID Display Name is set to the your first and last name when you initially signed up. 

This may be changed for the below reasons:

  • Spelling mistake
  • Incorrect name
  • Change to a spouse's name
  • Change ownership of service

Fongo reserves the rights to refuse Caller ID Display Name change.

Click HERE to make a Caller ID Change Request.


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