How do I record my personal greetings, name or extended absence message?

Your personal greeting is what the caller hears when they are forwarded to your Voicemail service. You also have the option recording an extended absence message and your name.


To set up your personal greetings, name or extended absence, please do the following:

1. Pick up your phone and dial *98.

2. Press 3 for "Personal Options". 

3. Press 3 for "Greetings".

3a. Press 1 for "Extended Absence Greeting" to record your extended absence message.

(i.e. "Hi, I will on vacation for the period of February 12, 2015 and returning January 1, 2016...")

3b. Press 2 for "Personal Greeting" to change your greeting message.

(i.e. "Hi, you've reached Billy Bob. Please leave a message after the beep!")

3c. Press 3 for "Record A Name" to record your name.

(i.e. "Billy Bob")

4. Press 2 to record your Personal Greeting.

5. "To selec the Standard Greeting, press 1. To record your Personal Greeting press 2..." Press 2.

6. After you record your personal greeting, press #.

7.  To keep your recording press #.

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