Where is my Voicemail email notification?

Please check if your Voicemail Settings are set to send out Voicemail email notifications.

 To set up your Voicemail email notification, follow the instruction below:

1. Log into your Fongo account (
2. Click on Settings.
3. Click Voicemail Settings.
4. Under the Voicemail to Email: change to forward or copy.

 Voicemail to Email

  • none - an email will NOT be sent to you but the voicemail will remain in your Voicemail Mailbox
  • forward - an email will be sent to you and the voicemail will be deleted from your Voicemail Mailbox
  • copy - an email will be sent to you and the voicemail will available in your Voicemail Mailbox
5. Under Voicemail Forwarding Email: make sure you have an email in this field.

After checking your Fongo Voicemail Settings and everything seems good, another reason why you're not receiving Voicemail email notifications is with the email provider settings. You will need investigate with your email provider. Some hints that may help  you resolve your problem.

  • Check your junk mail settings
  • Check your email filters
  • Check your junk/deleted folders
  • IMPORTANT: You will sometime need to create a filter in GMail to allow mail from (

We hope this helped!

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