Description of the Voicemail Parameters

Voicemail to Email

  • none - an email will NOT be sent to you but the voicemail will remain in your Voicemail Mailbox
  • forward - an email will be sent to you and the voicemail will be deleted from your Voicemail Mailbox
  • copy - an email will be sent to you and the voicemail will available in your Voicemail Mailbox

Voicemail Forwarding Email

     Enter the email address you would like the voicemail to be sent to.

     You can add multiple email addresses by separating the addresses with a "," (i.e.,,

 Rings Before Voicemail

     This is the number of rings before your call will be sent to voicemail (1-12).

     Voicemail cannot be DISABLED, simply increase your Rings Before Voicemail to 12.

 Use Password For

  • Remote Access Only - password is required when checking your Voicemail remotely but not local access
  • Remote and Local Access - password is required for both remote and local access

 Current Voicemail Password

     Your current password used to access your Voicemail Mailbox.

 New Voicemail Password

     If you're not happy with the current voicemail password, you can change the password at any time.

 Preferred Language

     You can change the IVR language when you dial in to check your voicemail (English, Spanish, French).


Example - How To Setup My Voicemail

There are different ways to configure how your Voicemail works. Below is one example of how you may want to setup your Voicemail.

1. Log into your Fongo account

2. Click on Settings.
3. Click Voicemail Settings.

Voicemail to Email:

4. Change to copy.

Voice Forwarding Email:

5. Enter your email where you want the voicemail to send to.

Rings Before Voicemail:

6. Change to 5.

User Password For:

7. Change to Remote Access Only.

Current Voicemail Password

Displays the current password used to access your voicemail.

New Voicemail Password

8. Enter a new password to access your voicemail.

Leave blank if you just want to use the current voicemail password.

*Voicemail password should be 3-8 numeric character

Preferred Language

9. Leave the language to English.

10. Click Update.

Note: With this setting, the caller will be sent to voicemail greeting after 5 rings. As soon as caller finishes their message, you will receive an email with the attachment and the message will remain in your Voicemail Mailbox.

You can log in and change the settings at any time.

You can also review some of the other FAQ articles if you're having issues.

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