Call Forwarding (Follow-Me)

Follow Me is a free call forwarding service from Fongo. Follow Me will call up to 3 separate phone numbers either sequentially or simultaneously, giving you the chance to answer the call on the most convenient device. 


Description of the Follow-Me Parameters


  • enable - allow calls to forward to other numbers.
  • disable - do not allow call forwarding.

Ring Mode

  • Simultaneous - all Follow Me Numbers numbers to ring simultaneously (at the same time) allowing you to pick up the call wherever it is convenient.
  • Sequential - the call to be forwarded to the first listed Follow Me number. If the call isn't answered at the first Follow Me number, it will continue on to the next Follow Me number and so on. If none of your Follow Me numbers have voicemail, the call will be directed back to your voicemail system

Follow-Me Mode

  • Always Call Forward - Always Call Forward will always forward incoming calls to your Follow Me number(s).
  • Call Forward When Unavailable - Call Forward When Unavailable will only forward calls when you are offline or decline calls.

Follow-Me Numbers

Click the Follow-Me Numbers button to enter secondary numbers.

Note: you can only enter 2 other numbers.


Example - How To Setup My Follow-Me

There are different ways to configure how your Follow-Me works. Below is one example of how you may want to setup your Follow-Me.

1. Log into your Fongo account

2. Click on Settings.
3. Click Follow Me Settings.


4. Change to Enable.

Ring Mode

5. Change to Sequential.

Follow Me Mode

6. Change to Call Forward When Unavailable.

7. Click the Follow Me Number button.

8. Enter the phone number you would like to forward.


Note: The number should be in the following format xxxxxxxxxx (i.e. 5551239876)

9. Click Add.

Note: You may get an error if:

  • Number is already being used by another Fongo account

Note: With this setup, your Fongo phone will ring. If you do not answer, the call will be forwarded to your Follow-Me number.

You can also review some of the other FAQ articles if you're having issues.

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