Installing Fongo Home Phone Grandstream HT-701

Your Fongo adapter was designed to Plug-And-Play. Simply plug in the device and wait for device to boot up and start making calls immediately.

Note: Please insure your modem and router are operational and connected to your internet.

Fongo Home Phone Package




Quick Instructions

1. Plug the blue Ethernet Cable into the "INTERNET" connector of the Fongo Adapter.


2. Plug the other end of the blue Ethernet Cable into your Internet router Into any Lan port 1-4 (Not to Wan port).


3. Plug your phone into the "PHONE" connector.


4. Plug the Power Adapter into "DC12V" and the wall outlet.


Note: The lights on Fongo adapter will start flashing.

The boot up process takes about 5-7 minutes.

It is very important you do not unplug the device during this stage!

5. Once the Fongo Adapter  completely powers up, you will be able to see all four lights completely on.


6. Pick up the phone and you should hear a dial tone.

Congratulations, your phone is working!


If the Fongo Adapter is still not working, please click HERE for support.


Please see the attached Fongo Home Phone Installation and Quick Start Guide for instructions.

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