Keep Your Current Phone Number (Port-In)

You have a number with Bell for 10 years and you wish to transfer the number so that you can use Fongo services with your Bell number. You will need to make a Port-In request to Fongo. Below outlines the steps and guidelines to Port your number. Please review carefully.

To Port your number to Fongo, please perform the following:

1. Login to 
*Recommend to use PC or Laptop
2. Click on “Online Store”.
*If you are unable to see “Online Store”, please let us know with your Fongo Phone Number
3. Click on “Transfer My Number” and Select “$25 One-Time Fee”.
4. Click on the “BUY” button.
5. Complete the required (*) information.
6. Click the “CONTINUE” button.
7. If porting can be done, Payment Information is required
8. An email will be sent to let you know when porting will be completed.
9. On the date specified, another email will be sent with further instructions to finalize your request.



Fongo is not responsible if the below criteria were not met:

  • Porting number must be active and not flagged for disconnect
  • Porting number must belong to Customer or LOA is provided
  • Customer disconnect or initiate a disconnect to the number before initiating or finalizing Porting with Fongo.
  • Customer provide inaccurate information for Porting resulting in multiple rejections
  • Customer initiated Porting but then decides to Cancel for any reason (i.e. Provider offers better rates, number porting to some other company etc.)

For a successful number transfer, ensure that information submitted for the number to be ported is correct (this includes service address and account information).

Incorrect information will result in a rejected porting attempt.

Please do not contact your current carrier to indicate you will be cancelling/porting your number as they may consider this contact your 30 days’ notice. A "disconnect order" on file with your current carrier may prevent us from porting your number.

You will be able to use your prior phone number and your Fongo phone number until we email you to let you know your phone number transfer is complete. Once your phone number has been transferred, your prior phone number will be your new Fongo phone number and you will no longer have access to the temporary Fongo phone number. 

Porting to Fongo Home Phone from Bell Canada, Rogers Home Phone and Videotron will generally take 5-6 business days.  Porting to Fongo Mobile and usually takes 2-3 business days.

To see a current list of areas where numbers can be ported into Fongo from Click Here

To see current number transfer time estimates for numbers being ported into Fongo Click Here

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