Factory Reset Fongo Home Phone Grandstream HT-701



Back of the Fongo Adapter


Quick Instructions for Factory Reset

1. With the Fongo Adapter powered on, unplug the Ethernet cable (blue cable).


2. Locate the needle-size hole above the "RESET" at the back of the Fongo Adapter.

3. Insert a paper-clip in the hole, and press and hold for 7 seconds.

Note: Make sure to feel a CLICK!


4. After 7 seconds, all the lights will turn off leaving only the first light on.


5. Take out the paper-clip and plug the Ethernet cable (blue cable) back in.

Note: You will notice the Link/Act light will start to flash.


6. Wait for 5 minutes, the lights will start flashing random patterns.

The Fongo Adapter is downloading and re-configuring with your Fongo credentials.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not unplug or power off the Fongo Adapter.

7. When ALL the lights are solid, you should be able to pick up the phone and hear a dial tone.


8. Perform some tests (call out and call in) and make sure the Fongo Adapter is working as expected.


If you're still unable to get your Fongo Adapter to reset, please contact Support by clicking HERE

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