Improve Fongo Home Phone Audio Quality

You're experiencing issues such as:

  • Dropped calls
  • Chopping voice
  • Noisy line

The following suggestions may help improve your Fongo Home Phone audio quality:

Electromagnetic Interference

Motors and electronic devices sometimes generate electromagnetic fields

  • Your Fongo Adapter may be too close another device generating electromagnetic interference (i.e. electric motor, other electronics, high-power wires etc).
  • Move the Fongo Adapter at least one meter (3') away from other devices
  • If you've plugged your Fongo Adapter to your house phone junction box, the lines running to your phone outlet in your house may be causing the line noise
  • Plug a phone directly into the Fongo Adapter; if the problem is resolved then you know there is something is wrong with the phone lines in your house

Internet Connection

  • Internet Speed; you may need to contact your Internet provider to upgrade your Internet
  • Other devices in your house using your bandwidth; find which device is taking up the bandwidth and stop the service

Ethernet Cable

  • Faulty Ethernet cable can be a contributing factor to audio issues
  • Check your cables and replace as required.

Wireless Phones

  • The main phone plugged into your Fongo Home Phone transmits the wireless signal to the other wireless phones in your home
  • The quality of your phone system and the resulting wireless signal will affect your sound quality. You may want to consider upgrading your wireless phones.
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