Setting up Fongo Home Phone for multiple phone sets in my residence

About Demarcation Points

It is possible to plug your Fongo Home Phone Adapter into one phone jack and have it supply the rest of the phone jacks in your home with Fongo dial tones. You must find the 'demarcation point', which is the 1st jack in your residence and usually located in the garage or basement.

Your phone jacks run in a series, so if you plug Fongo Home Phone into the 3rd wired phone jack in your residence,  the 3rd, 4th, and so on wired phone jacks will have Fongo dial tones. By plugging the Fongo Home Phone Adapter into the first phone jack in your residence, every phone jack in your house will be supplied with the service.

A simple alternative may be to purchase a good quality cordless phone set. Plug Fongo Home Phone into the main phone dock and it will wirelessly send out the signal to the rest of the set.

Maximimum Phone Units

The Fongo Home Phone telephone adapter will handle roughly 5 phones connected in your house. 

The capacity of the HT701 ATA is 5 REN. REN stands for "ringer equivalence number" and is a North American measure of a telephone's electrical load.  The REN value is generally printed on the back of each phone. 

The REN values for the phones in your house physically plugged into your home phone jacks must be in total less than 5. 

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