About World Credits

World Credits are used to call worldwide to areas outside of the Free Calling Cities list. For more information on World Credits and pricing to specific destinations, please visit the Worldwide Rates page.

Getting World Credits

Purchasing World Credits

In the app, tap Add-on Features. Tap World Credits and select the amount of World Credits you would like to purchase.

The remaining World Credit balance will display both on the home screen info tiles and by tapping Add-on Features, under World Credits your balance will display.

If you registered for the service using an Apple device, the only way to purchase World Credits is through the app, you will be prompted to enter your Apple ID to purchase.

Earning Free World Credits

As of Fongo 3.8 you now also have the option of Earning World Credits for free.

Expiry Of World Credits

Fongo Mobile World Credits will never expire as long as you use the Fongo App to place an outbound Call at least once every Ninety (90) days. Unlike the threshold for auto deletion accounts that have purchased world credits are not subject to auto deletion. We do consider accounts with World Credits to be dormant if they have not been used in One Hundred Twenty (120) days.

Any account that has a credit balance and is considered dormant will have their world credit balance expire at a rate of $1.00 in world credits every Thirty (30) days.

To prevent world credits from expiring on your account keep the account active by logging into the app and placing a call at least once every Ninety (90) days. If your account becomes dormant can reactivate it by logging into the app and placing a call.

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