World Credit Information


World Credits are used to call worldwide to areas outside of the Free Calling Cities list. For more information on World Credits and pricing to specific destinations, please visit the Worldwide Rates page.

Checking World Credit Balance

You may check your current world credit balance through these two methods.

  1. Log in to, once logged in your World Credit balance is displayed.
  2. Dial *11 on your Fongo Home Phone, the automated system will announce your current balance.

Obtaining More World Credits

Your World Credit auto-recharge feature will automatically bill $5 of World Credits to your payment method on file whenever your balance falls below $1.25.

The system checks your balance once every 24 hours, so if you know you will be using more than $5 worth of World Credits within a 24-hour period, you can log in to your account online and manually add World Credits to your account. (It is not currently possible to set the auto-recharge amount.)

To purchase World Credits for Fongo Home Phone, log in to your account online. Click on "My Account", then "Online Store" and then select the amount of World Credits you would like to purchase. Click on "Buy" to complete your purchase.

World Credits for Fongo Home Phone never expire.

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