How do I change my Fongo phone number?

We will only perform number changes for Fongo Mobile users who have an active paid Texting Package Subscription.  

If you are not currently subscribed and do not wish to subscribe but still want a new number, please abandon your account and sign up for a new one and select a new number.

To make a Number Change Request, please follow the below instructions:

1. Click Here To Open A Support Ticket

2. In the Your email address, enter the email address used in your Fongo account.

3. In the Subject, enter Number Change Request.

4. In the Description, enter and fill out the following fields.

Description *

Fongo Account Information

Name: [Your Name]

Phone Number: [Your Fongo Number]

Mailing Address: [Your Street Address]

City: [Your City]

Province: [Your Province]

Postal Code: [Your Postal Code]

New Number Request

Area Code or Specific Number (647, 226 etc): [Your Desired New Area Code]

Specific City Province: [Enter Your Desired New City and Province Where The Number Should Be Based]

Reason For Number Change: [Enter A Reason For Number Change]

5. In Your Issue Type, change selection to Fongo Mobile:: Number Change Request.

6. In Fongo Phone Number, enter your Fongo number (i.e. for 519-688-2635, enter 15196882635).

7. Click the Submit button.

8. A ticket will be created and an agent will attend to your request during business hours.

Business Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00 AM- 4:00PM



Please be advised that…

  • Fongo reserve the rights to refuse number changes at our discretion

  • Multiple number changes in a short time frame (i.e 24 hours) will result in a $5 plus tax additional charge for each number change request.
  • Ported numbers will be returned to original carrier.

  • It is the customer's responsibility to change their 911 information.

Click Here For A List Of Cities Where We Provide Numbers

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