SMS short codes, activations and verifications


SMS Short codes are not currently supported by the Fongo Texting Service.  It is not possible to text short codes, or receive short code SMS (also known as premium rate SMS) with Fongo Mobile.  

2-Stage SMS authentication should work as long as the sender is not using short codes.  Many banks use short codes, as well as Google, Uber, Apple and Twitter, for notifications and/or 2-stage authentication, you may not be able to receive these messages with Fongo. 

Fongo allows free incoming SMS but we do not allow SMS or phone verification for services such as WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, LINE,  WeChat, Craigslist, eBay, imo, etc.  

Users who have an active paid texting subscription are not blocked from receiving these activation codes via SMS, some short codes do not currently work with Fongo regardless if you are subscribed.

We do not make any guarantee that you will receive activation codes if you have subscribed to a texting package, this is often beyond our control.  If you're not able to activate your WhatsApp account, please contact directly.

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