Fongo + Siri + CallKit (iOS 10 + Fongo 3.9+)


In iOS 10 Apple introduced new features to make it so that VoIP apps will be integrated more closely with the iOS environment.

As of Fongo 3.9 Fongo is taking advantage of these new features as we have integrated with CallKit and SiriKit to make calling and answering calls easier.

Phone Integration

CallKit in iOS 10 allows Fongo to work more like the primary phone app on the device when making or receiving calls.

You will notice the Following Differences when using iOS 10:

  • Incoming Calls will no longer require you to unlock the device to answer the call
  • The incoming call screen appears to look the same as the normal phone screen, you can tell that the call is a Fongo call as it will say 'Fongo Audio' under the call display row.
  • Due to limitations with CallKit the option to Message back a number when declining is no longer present
  • Your Fongo call logs will also appear in the Phone App's history
  • The Fongo incoming call ringtone will match the volume and silence settings of the standard phone app's ringtone.
  • You can now make Fongo calls from the contacts app. Just long press on the call button and Fongo will show up as an option

Due to popular demand we have added a feature in Fongo 3.9.5 to allow users to turn off the CallKit integration and have Fongo operate in the same manner as it did prior to iOS 10. From within the settings in Fongo just turn off the 'Integrated Calling' feature.

Note: If you have an Apple Watch call notifications will not be sent to your watch when using 'Integrated Calling' this is a known issue with the iOS Platform (More Information).

Siri Integration

SiriKit in iOS 10 allows Fongo to handle Siri Commands to launch the app to perform Calling and Messaging Functions. 

To place a call with Fongo ask Siri to:

Call [Name] using Fongo 
Where [Name] is the name of the Contact you wish to call. Siri will disambiguate who you wish to call.

To send a message with Fongo as Siri to:

Text [Name] using Fongo [Message]


Send Message to [Name] using Fongo 

Where [Name] is the name of the Contact you wish to message and [Message] is the message text that you wish to send. Siri will disambiguate who you wish to text.


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