How do I use the Fongo Works webpage?

Welcome to Fongo Works!

This quick guide will help you familiarize yourself with Fongo Works webpage. This article assumes you already have an account with Fongo Works.

When you first log-in, you will notice the header, some tabs, the footer and the ? icons.

The Header


Your Company Name and phone number is displayed in the header (i.e. BizNiz: 226-123-4321).


To change your business information, such as your Company name, address and web page log-in password.

Sign Out

To log-out of the your Fongo Works webpage.


The Members Tab


In the Members tab, you are shown all the members you have added to your Company members list.

In this tab you can:

  • Add/ Remove Member
  • Change Member Information
  • Play/ Re-Record Name and Voicemail greetings
  • How calls are handled
  • Notify and welcome member via email

For further information and the How-To's, you can visit the Your Account FAQ.


The Receptionist Tab


In the Receptionist tab, you can configure your receptionist to do the following:

  • Play/ Re-Record your greetings
  • Assign members to the Caller Options
  • View the Conference PIN
  • Allow a person to bypass the Caller Options

For further information and the How-To's, you can visit the Features FAQ.


The Footer


Click on Fongo Support to link you over to the Fongo Knowledge Base webpage.


The ? Icon

Click Q..PNG  allows you to give your feedback or to ask for help.

You can also attach a picture with your message by clicking the camera icon.





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