Is Fongo Works really free?

Yes, the Fongo Works system is completely free and there's no catch, check out the list of features:

  • Free phone number in a city of your choice
  • Virtual receptionist - forward virtual extensions to external phone numbers, voicemail or the Fongo Works Mobile App
  • Voicemail - receive your voicemails as an MP3 attachment to your email inbox
  • Conference Calling - host free conference calls for up to 10 participants
  • Fongo Works Mobile App (iOS and Android) allows you to place calls from your Fongo Works number, or use the app as your virtual extension to receive calls
  • Centralized member management for up to 6 users

In addition to our free Fongo Works system, we do offer additional premium features, please click HERE to check our offerings and current prices.  Head on over to to sign up for an account today!


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