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As Fongo Home Phone is a monthly subscription service we require a valid credit card to allow us to collect payment of the $4.95 + Tax monthly fee each month.

If your credit card expires or you replace a lost or stolen credit card we ask that you update the credit card associated with your Fongo Home Phone account. This will allow us to keep your subscription active without suspending or cancelling service for missed payments.

Updating Your Credit Card Information

You can now update your Fongo Home Phone account's credit card on the Fongo Web Site by following these steps.

  1.  Log into your Fongo Home Phone account. Click here to launch the log in page.
  2. Once logged in hover over the Account menu and click on the Payment Info menu option.
  3. You will be taken to the payment info page. Update your credit card information and click the Update Information button to submit the updated information.

  4. If it succeeds you can log out or close the browser window. If updating fails check your information and try again.
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