Fongo App URI Schemes (Fongo 3.0+)

With version 3 of Fongo for iOS and Android you can launch Fongo from your own application using the following URI schemes:

Launch Fongo: fongo:// 

Launch Fongo Dialpad with pre-filled number: fongotel://12263361437 (Replace 12263361437 with actual number)

Launch Fongo Messaging with pre-filled number: fongomsg://12263361437 (Replace 12263361437 with actual number)

Launch Fongo and place call to specified number: fongocall://12263361437 (Replace 12263361437 with actual number)

The URI's will work provided the Fongo app installed so you may want to put a check in place and direct the user to download and install Fongo from the App Store or Google Play.

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