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In Fongo 3.8 and greater you now have the ability to Earn Free World Credits, this will allow you to make calls to areas outside of our Free Calling Cities without needing to purchase World Calling Credits. We have partnered with a 3rd party company that provides offers such to earn credit in Fongo. These offers may include earning a couple cents of credit for watching a video or more for downloading and launching a free app from the app store.

*If you did not receive your world credits, see the bottom of this article.

How To Earn Credits

1. In the Fongo app tap on the Cart icon in the upper right to go to the Add-ons screen.


2. On the Add-ons screen tap on World Credits.


3. On the World Credits screen tap on the earn button.


4. Choose the offer you want to complete to earn credits, the right button shows how many cents you will earn.


5. As some of these offers take time to process by the processing partner credits may not show up immediately in Fongo. You will receive a text message from Fongo when the credits are ready.


Remember our long distance rates for areas outside of our free calling areas start at 2 cents per minute, so you may need to complete a couple of offers to receive a sufficient amount of credits to make your long distance calls.

Missing Earned Credits

The offers take some time to process so you may not receive your world credits immediately. You will receive a text message from Fongo when the credits have been transferred to you.

The earned credits system is managed by the affiliate partner system. If you are missing earned credits, launch the earn credits offer wall (same as above) and tap the 'Missing ¢ World Calling Credit?' link (thin grey bar at the bottom of the offer wall) and fill out the form for the missing credits.


If you are using an ad-blocker you may not see the offers you will have to disable the ad blocker to earn credits.


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