Sharing With Fongo from Other Apps (Fongo 3.7.3+ for iOS)

Sharing With Fongo from Other Apps

Fongo 3.7.3 for iOS introduces a Share Extension that will allow you to share specific types of media via a Fongo message.

Types Of Media Supported:

  • Web Pages (URL): you can share from Safari or other Apps that allow you to share URLs
  • Photo: you can share a single photos from the Photos app or other Apps that allow you to share photos.


  • If you are subscribed to a Fongo SMS Text Messaging package you can send the links or images to any user in the area covered by your plan.
  • If you have no plan you may only share with phone numbers of other Fongo users.
  • You must be logged into the Fongo app to share via the Share Extension.

Web Page Sharing Example

This example will walk you through setting up sharing with the Fongo Share Extension for the first time by using Safari to share the image

1. When you find a web page that you want to share Tap the Actions Button.


2. If Fongo does not appear as an option on the Action Sheet tap the more button. If Fongo does appear as an option skip ahead to Step 4.


3. Enable the Fongo option and click Done. This will now make it so that Fongo shows up in the Action Sheet.


4. Tap the Fongo option, this will launch the Message Composer for sharing.


5. Enter the recipients that you want to share the item with and click Send. This will send the message off to the recipients.


Sharing Photos

Sharing photos is quite similar. Browse to the single photo that you want to share and tap the Action button.

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