Free Texting and SMS Add Ons

Free Fongo Texting

Fongo provides free Texting between Fongo numbers. You can text any other Fongo number without the need to purchase an SMS add on.

Added Benefits Of Fongo Texting

Texting with other Fongo numbers has the following benefits over texting to a Cellular SMS number.

  • Delivery status and read receipts
  • Group messaging of up to 10 other users
  • Two way picture messaging. With Cellular SMS you can only send picture messages but not receive them.

Texting a Cellular SMS Number

If you try to text a number that is not a Fongo number and you do not have an SMS add on you will be prompted to purchase an SMS add on.

We charge a nominal fee for an SMS package to cover our cost we pay per activated Phone Number to access the Cellular Carrier's SMS systems. 

Click Here For More Information about SMS Packages

Replacing Non Fongo Numbers (Fongo 3.6+)

If you do not have a Cellular SMS add on and you try to text a cellar number that has been linked to a Fongo number you now have the option to replace the number with the linked Fongo number. This way you can still text the user without having to purchase an SMS add on and you get the added benefits of Fongo to Fongo texting. Just tap 'Replace' in the dialog. 



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