Link Your Cellular Number To Fongo

Link Your Number

Fongo gives you the option to link your Cellular Phone number to your Fongo account. This allows others to sync their contacts to easily add your Fongo number to your contact on their device. This allows them to more easily text your Fongo number which does not require an SMS plan. 
Your cellular number is safe with us as we only use it to find an associated Fongo number. We also verify that you own the cellular number that you enter to prevent others from linking to your cellular number.

Linking Your Number

After a few days after first signing in on Fongo 3.6 (or greater) you will be prompted one time to link your Fongo number.

1. If you wish to link enter your cellular Phone Number and tap Link Number. If you do not wish to link either Tap the back button or cancel; you will not be automatically prompted again to link your number.


2. You will then be prompted to verify the number that you will be sent a verification code to. Tap 'Continue' to have our system send you an SMS with a verification code. The verification code prevents anyone else from linking their Fongo account to your Cellular number.


3. An SMS with a validation code will be sent to the number containing a validation code.


4. The next screen in Fongo will prompt you to enter the verification code. Enter the code and Tap 'OK' to complete number linking.


5. Now the screen will update to show your linked number. You can 'Tap' the back button or click cancel to exit.



Unlinking Your Number

If at any time in the future you wish to Unlink your number you can get to the Unlink number screen by launching Account->Settings and then choose Linked Number.


Linking Your Number at a Later Time

If you did not link your number when first prompted you can do so later by launching Account->Settings and then choosing Linked Number. This will start the Wizard shown above.


 Note: Only Canadian Cellular Numbers are currently supported for linking.





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