Sync Fongo Numbers (Version 3.6+)

Sync Fongo Numbers

Fongo now allows you to Sync Your Contacts to add Fongo numbers to those contacts who have linked their cellular number to Fongo. This allows you to more easily find your contact's Fongo number so that you can more easily call or text their Fongo number. Remember texting other Fongo numbers does not require an SMS plan as we do not have to pay to access the Canadian Cellular Carriers' SMS systems.
Your contact information is safe when you sync numbers. We just send a list of numbers only without names to our secure servers to find maching Fongo numbers that have been linked. We do not store any numbers sent to our server.

Syncing Fongo Numbers

After a few days after first signing in on Fongo 3.6+ (or greater) you will be prompted one time to Sync Fongo Numbers.

1. On the Sync Fongo Numbers screen tap the 'Sync' button to start the sync process. If you do not wish to sync your numbers tap the back button or cancel to exit the screen. Syncing will modify your contact list and add Fongo numbers cooresponding to contacts that have linked cellular numbers.


2. Once syncing is complete you may be prompted to link your own cellular number to make it easier for others to find your Fongo number. You can choose to continue or exit.


Syncing At A Later Time

If you did not sync when first prompted you can do so at any time by launching Account->Settings and then choosing Sync Fongo Number or by launching Contacts and choosing Sync Fongo numbers.
We encourage you to sync Fongo Numbers from time to time to ensure that as your contacts sign up for Fongo that you can get their Fongo numbers. We do not automatically sync as we want to ensure that you have full control of Linking and Syncing.



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