Hide The Connected Status Icon - Fongo for Android 3.6+


By default Fongo shows an icon in the Notifications area on the Android device when it has a connection to the Fongo server. This is useful to allow you to know if Fongo is running on the device as is connected to our Fongo network.


As of Fongo 3.6 users now have the option to hide the icon when the connection to the Fongo server is active. 

Changing The Show Connected Status Icon Setting

To toggle the setting for the connected status icon setting in Fongo.

  1. Launch The Menu
  2. Tap Account
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Scroll Down To The Advanced Settings Section
  5. Toggle The Show Connected Notification Checkbox


Once you uncheck the setting the Fongo connection icon will disappear


If the connection fails the icon will show up again, this setting allows you to hide the icon when you are connected.

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