Saving Even More With Fongo

Save Even More

Fongo already provides free calling across Canada and very low cost Cellular SMS but you can even save more.

Use Fongo While Travelling

Travel with Fongo and you do not have to pay roaming fees for calls or long distance fees for Calls back to Canada.
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Use Fongo For Incoming Calls

Give others your Fongo number so they can call your Fongo number instead of your standard phone number to avoid time of day minutes or exhausting your monthly minutes.

Call On WiFi

Fongo uses very little data for calls but you can save your data by making calls calls when you are connected to your home WiFi or public WiFi access points.

Invite Your Friends

Get your friends on Fongo and call and text them on their Fongo number. Fongo to Fongo texting does not require an SMS add on plan and Fongo to Fongo calls and texts are free no matter where either party on the call is located.

Link Your Number and Sync Your Contacts (Fongo 3.6+)

Fongo now has the option to link your cellular number to allow other Fongo users to easily find your Fongo number when they sync Fongo numbers. This makes it easier to text and call Fongo numbers so you can and they save more as Fongo to Fongo texting is always free.
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