Quick Start Guide for Android

Features and Add-ons

Dock Fongo for quick and easy access.

1. Touch and hold Fongo icon until it is activated.


2. Drag the Fongo icon into the Dock at the bottom of your Home screen. (If you have 4 icons already there – drag one out of the Dock before moving Fongo in.)


 3. Release the Fongo icon to save arrangements. 


Call Forwarding.

1. From the menu on the left tap Account, then tap Settings.



2. Tap Call Forwarding and choose Forwarding Mode. 


To learn more about Forwarding Modes click here.

Double Tap Call button.

Redial the last number that you dialed by double tapping on the Call button in the dialpad screen.


Show Caller ID / Block Anonymous Calls.

From the Menu on the left tap Account and then tap Settings.



Enable Show Caller ID function if you wish to show your number. Disable it to call as Anonymous.

Enable Block Anonymous Calls function, so all anonymous/unknown numbers' calls will go straight to your voicemail.


Check calling rates before you make a call.

In the Dialpad put a number you wish to call and the call cost will appear under the number.

To check all outside of free cities rates click here.



From the menu on the left tap Add-ons.


World Credits allow you to make international calls and outside of the free calling cities calls. World Credits do not expire. Use them whenever you need them. 

Available: $5 Credit, $20 Credit, $50 Credit.

Unlimited Canada Texting allows you to send and receive unlimited number of SMS messages across Canada.

Available: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months.

Unlimited Canada + US Texting allows you to send and receive unlimited SMS messages to/from any Canadian and US mobile numbers.

Available: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months.

Remove Ads package allows you to set your caller ID name, removes Ads at the bottom of the app and nice shortcuts will appear instead.    


Tap Account from the menu on the left, then tap Support to access Service StatusFAQ about Fongo products, or Report Issue to send us your feedback by email.


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