Contacts Quick Start Guide


Send your Fongo contact card

1. From the Menu on the left tap Account.



2. In the top left corner tap Edit, then from popup options choose Add to Contact to add your contact details. Tap Done when you finish.


3. Tap again your contact info and from popup menu choose Email to send your contact card as an email attachment.


Favourite your contacts for one-tap text and talk.

Way 1. 

1. From the menu on the left tap Contacts. 


2. In the top section of your contact list, called FAVS – tap either Choose FAVS or [ + ]. Put check marks beside contacts that you want to see in FAVS and then go back. Your FAVS will appear.



Way 2.

1. From the menu on the left tap Contacts. 


2. Select and tap a contact that you want to add to FAVS. Under the contact profile tap [Star]. 10.png


To remove a contact from FAVS list – under the contact profile tap [Star]. 12.png


Identify contacts.

Beside each contact from your list you can find 3 types of icons: 

IMG_4209 - Copy.PNG - This your Fongo friend. You have unlimited texting, sending pictures, and calling for free with this contact. 

IMG_4209 - Copy (2).PNG - This contact does not use Fongo. However, you can call this number at any time for free. To check all free calling cities click here.

IMG_4209.PNG - This contact does not use Fongo. World Credits are required to call this number. To check international and outside free calling cities rates click here.

Add new contacts. 

1. From the menu on the left tap Contacts. 


2. At the top right corner in your contact list tap [ + ], add contact details, then tap Done. 


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