Using the Fongo mobile app with in-car bluetooth (iOS)

Many in-car stereo systems provide bluetooth support for connecting a smartphone so that the driver can use the phone hands-free while driving.  

To use the Fongo app with your bluetooth system in your car, pair your iPhone to your bluetooth system as per the vehicle user manual.  Once your iPhone is paired with your bluetooth system, it will automatically connect when you are in the car.

When your iPhone is connected to the bluetooth system in your car, the Fongo app will automatically use the bluetooth system when you make or receive a call.  Simply open the Fongo app and dial a number or contact as you normally do.

Note: Apple restricts some functions from being accessed by third party applications like Fongo.  These Apple limitations translate to the following behaviour when using bluetooth:

  1. Voice commands are not supported via the in-car voice system; you must dial and answer calls from the Fongo app on the iPhone.
  2. In the case where the in-car system supports Media Streaming (A2DP), if the stereo input is not on Media (i.e. listening to FM Radio, XM Radio, etc...) the iPhone will direct the ringing to the Media Streaming input of the in-car stereo and you will not hear the Fongo app ringing when a call is coming in.
    In such case, some in-car systems allow you to turn off the Media Streaming connection to the phone so that the Fongo app will ring on the iPhone or you can disable streaming to the in-car stereo system from the iPhone everytime you get in your car by double clicking the home button, swipe to the right twice, click on the airplay icon and select iPhone.
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