Fongo Works Premium Features

The Fongo Works system is completely free to use (more info), however we do offer some additional premium features which you can access by signing into your Fongo Works account and clicking on the SHOP icon at the top of the page.  

Here is a current list of our premium options:

  • Port in (transfer) an existing phone number to your Fongo Works account - $25 one time fee
  • Port in (transfer) an existing toll free number - $25 one time fee, then $0.02 per minute for incoming calls
  • Add additional numbers in the same city, or in different cities, to your account - $2.50 per month per additional number 
  • Toll Free number - $2.50 per month plus $0.02 per minute for incoming calls
  • Vanity Numbers - $55 one time fee, then $2.50 per month
  • Remove Ads from Fongo Works Mobile App for all your users - $2.50 per month 
  • World Calling Credits are available denomination of $25, $50, $100 and $200.  World Calling Credits are used for making calls from the Fongo Works Mobile App outside of our free calling area (more info) and for inbound toll free calling if you have added a toll free number to your account.

Here are some items we have in the pipeline, please contact support if any of these features interest you so that we can gauge the demand:

  • Hunt Groups
  • Additional members (current limit is 6)
  • Additional auto-attendants 
  • Upload custom higher quality IVR recordings
  • US and International numbers

Head over to to sign up for an account today!



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